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mail: hellos dick i am wonderig why this is such grate site

doug: this is easy question i eats wheaties everyday they give me super powerd like xray gogglre

^_____^ is a known terrorismist if you seee ^______________^ do nots hesitate to shoot andd drag body to neartes dick station

this is match 2 tier 1of aol chat league match here is direct transcript!

THREE WAY CHAT : Doug_Beach, Xxshengu-otorixX, ilieksyrupnchowderlol
Doug_Beach: hello everyonee how are you today it is a very grande day today
Xxshengu-otorixX: i have waited my entire life for this moment ^__^
Doug_Beach: get to prepare youself or you may alreaddy have lost !!!
Xxshengu-otorixX: i bathed in a pond to refresh myself for the battle ^-^
Doug_Beach: lol
Doug_Beach: ANYWAY thuis is AOL FIGHT MATCH 2 TEIR 7 SEASONH 9! this is epic strugggle of Xxshengu-otorixX against ilieksyrupnchowderlol. let meet the contestants. in the pale brown fuschia combo (almost lemon borderoing) corner with aN A|S|L of 14\f/califlorda Xxshengu-otorixX! in the stupidf corner with an ?ASL? of 10/m/michigans. syrupandchowder .!.
Xxshengu-otorixX: i am more ready than possible
Doug_Beach: syrupchowder helo you there .?.
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: hi :)
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: heloo
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: wat is ever1 doing
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: llllaaaa laaaa laaaaa :()
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: say sumthin
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: heeelllppp :(
Doug_Beach: you is laggings out ! turned off stupid porgams you molron
ATTENTION: User ilieksyrupnchowder has left the conversation.
Doug_Beach: agh this is postponed targ stock msarket we will give him 3 minutre or you advanced
Xxshengu-otorixX: but i wanted to fight -______-
Doug_Beach: i cannot help you cause
ATTENTION: User ilieksyrupnchowder has joined the conversation.
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: hay guys my comuter reset sry
Xxshengu-otorixX: he is back ^-^
Doug_Beach: you get -12 point for being idolt already syrupman
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: plz a window came on and it bloked my screen and i had torestart
Doug_Beach: -15 point
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: noooooo :(]
Doug_Beach: -134
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: ur mean
Doug_Beach: OAK - 1 bullion for you NOW choose you weapons by sending seperate AOL messaeg !

Message from Xxshengu-otorixX
Xxshengu-otorixX: i want to use my nunchaku ^________________________________^
Doug_Beach: whagt?
Xxshengu-otorixX: that is my weapon
Doug_Beach: make more senese nunchaku is gibberishd word
Xxshengu-otorixX: no it is japanese word for nunchuck
Doug_Beach: ok IT IS YOU WEAPON

Message from ilieksyrupnchowderlol
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: i wnat aclam chowder soup can :}
Doug_Beach: -garfunkle points for choose NOT WEAPON
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: but i like eatinggf
Doug_Beach: you are horse nose hair away from ban
Doug_Beach: understanding ,?,
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: doug this is nott fair :(
Doug_Beach: i am choose weapon for you IT IS STUPID IDOLT WAND
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: wat does it do
Doug_Beach: you tap wand on foe head
Doug_Beach: then youy break wand in half
Doug_Beach: and discard wandd
Doug_Beach: the only way to bresak idolt curse is to reconstrucet wand an tap they head
Doug_Beach: in meentime they probably dead so it is good choiced
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: tx doug :)

THREE WAY CHAT : Doug_Beach, Xxshengu-otorixX, ilieksyrupnchowderlol
Doug_Beach: WEAPON CHOOSE : syrupman - stupid idolt wand ;;; shenguotroi - <weapon michaelangelo use in ninja turtleds> !!!!!! match commencing IMMEDIATELY !!! let the deathmarch begin !
Xxshengu-otorixX: look s at chowder and bows
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: hi how r u :o)
Xxshengu-otorixX: unsheaths her blade
Xxshengu-otorixX: are you prepared to battle
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: i gauss
Xxshengu-otorixX: throws blade up into the air twisting and twirling out of control
Xxshengu-otorixX: lunges at chowder and knees him in the femur
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: i amm going to eat my chowder u rnt very nice :(
Doug_Beach: -283883 poit you do not havef chowder in you inventory
Xxshengu-otorixX: does a combination of blows to his head then jumps up and grabs the spinning blade
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: wat am i holding :?)
Doug_Beach: unrecognized command -10033 more ranking
Xxshengu-otorixX: suspends in midair holding the blade with both hands behind her back
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: halp
Doug_Beach: thiese are following command : buy stock , inventory , where is don lepre , use ! P.S. -6545436vvc76 for helps command
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: inventoryr
Xxshengu-otorixX: slices chowder in half then after 5 seconds choder splits and two
Doug_Beach: you have in you sack - stupids idolt wand
Doug_Beach: btw -/5+58* point
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: use stupidd idiot wand
Xxshengu-otorixX: holds the blade above chowders chest and lunges it in his ribcage to the heart
Doug_Beach: invalidf action who is you use on
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: usestupid idiot wand on xxxxshenguorotixxx
Doug_Beach: you deal 5 damage butt shenguortio is inflicted with stupid idiolt diesaes !!! you reciever 5 gold
Xxshengu-otorixX: cleans her blade and prays to the heavens chowder has a good journey to the afterlife
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: ok
Doug_Beach: oitori suffered 383837227223 damage form deiesaes and is defeats!!!!
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: do i win
Doug_Beach: TIME UP!!! i post results

this is most likely probable comeback of millenium. thigs did not look good for syrupman b/c he is very stupid. but this did not crush his dream of becoming aol chatleauge deathmatch champion. he was losing by astronimicals -garfunkle3736625262722667 points but then thre unthinkable happen. _he uses stupid idiolt wand in last breath_. this did not do much on first strike but did goodd poison damage and KILLED shengusortori before syrupman died of bleed lose. he is the winnar by small margin.

THREE WAY CHAT : Doug_Beach, Xxshengu-otorixX, ilieksyrupnchowderlol
Doug_Beach: i am prouud to said that.... SYRUPMAN IS YOU WINNER!!!
Xxshengu-otorixX: what kind of rigged game is this
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: yayay :)))
Doug_Beach: sorryr shengu but you fail to counter stupid idiolt wand this is you demise
Xxshengu-otorixX: but he didnt even fight me
Doug_Beach: what is taht you say? oh wait YOU IS BANIED @
ATTENTION: User Xxshengu-otorixX has been kicked from the conversation.
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: tx vary much doug
Doug_Beach: how do you is planning on celebration ???
ilieksyrupnchowderlol: im going to eat milk and cookie :))
Doug_Beach: ok that is aol fight today see you next week on aol detahmatch!!!!

their you have it D+I(C&K$ exclusive detahmatch next battle of century takes place betweens Me-Is_Rathen andd SSJ99-GOTENKS-PWR-14 do not miss the match or yuo will be laughing stock next time you go to water cooler.

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