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Today we have int<b>erview</b>ed a man with sublime positioning. It was conducted over very secure connection and we have great news for you all. The interview reads following, do not click the link or it will ban.


Doug Beach: Hello Mr. President how are you today.

Goegre W Bushe: h1im good how r u

Doug Beach: Lets change topics. What do you think of modern science?

Greag Y Bushly: i dun rly kno i havent checked my stockeds LOL

Doug Beach: So you agree with global justice?

GOREGERE: do i hav to pick a numbar from 1 to 10

Doug Beach: Interesting.

GERRY BOB: ok kewl

Doug Beach: Let's commence a debate. I disagree with you, what do you have to say for yourself?


Doug Beach: So you decided to increase funding for soemthing that I do not know, care to tell me what it is?

Georeg BUSH: i hid the document but itnot behind the radio k?

Doug Beach: I will make sure not to look there. So what are your plans for the future?

gbbbbushhhhhhhhhhhh: i wantjump over candlestick for $

Doug Beach: Thank you for your time mr. lewis.


There you have it DICK EXCLUSIVE. Come back next monthursysaturdY on this channel and click hello for more infor ation.

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