draft immoral copy kin

i porgammed c++ usig a bent spoone and talcum powder

herllol again it isme doug and i have good news for you it is that tiem again!

great guys of the internet

thuis week i gave great thought on who culd be be next gr8 guy on interweb i scoured the weblisting and punchered random keys to go to websites then it hit me germans programmers noticed how i have great guys of internat? so this is completely allow!

anyway let's talk about ther goddness of these high brain density men and women who makeds very good games unlike the other population on this world THEY MAKE STIPUD GAMESD. but this is about GERMAND programmers not idolt programmer so i digresss. i firstt needed to find german person so i went in my private helipad and drove to luxemburg and talked to some guy who is most likeldy german here is the convo:

doug bleach: so you german ?
german man : yes
douhg: what is cos(339)-sin(732.1)*x=54.2*2 converge into radians ?
german man : this is easy the answer is 92.02 but in singular division it is remandier 17
doug: make any greatest geams asof lates ?
germen men: yes i just made new FPS that runed 1billion frame per millisecond on 1 mhz calculator with solar power battery life
doig: keep upf the gode work

i have even eavesdrop on two germent people havinf normal conversation!

blad german man: you only use 3_d array fragment on high suspectibility of hardware acceleration bonus otherwise you are very idiot
fat german man: i concur but what about data structures to optimize exisiting harddrive partition ?
baldd man: you may as well kill youself if you use drive partitioned on hardd rive LOL more like 1+ millseconder slow laagy peice of JUNK
skinny germn maen: i jusrt hear two second ago froom a chip in my brain that new coding technique saves 1 petasecond loading time forr varibale assing!

so it is already clear that every germsn person is automatical gode programmer since most of use intelligent people knowe this i go to my next point

if yous are germean becomue a programmer !!!

there is no reasons not to here is a good example i asked the bestr programmer who is not german and pitt him against german bricklayer i sent two resumes to game companie sony here is result:

contestant number 1 resume:
name: john carmacke
age: 40
worship satanic cult: no
pervious project: doom series and mnay other good games
work experience: begin program when insider womb
dick size: 9 inch
comments: i am very anxious to start workig on you project!

person number 2 resume:
names: hans germany
age: 35
worship satanic cult: yes
previous project: lay brick but it can also be callr real life tetris!
work experience: nill
dick size: 3 inch
comments: fuk you and ur chum

before we go to letters recieved from the papars LETS DO SUMMARY:

johnh carmack: 40(age)*10(not worship cult)*10000(doom seirs)*294(experience pointr)*9,000,0000,0(dicksize)*100(good attitudes)=verry great score



hans germany: 35(agre)*-45(worshipCULT!)*-85(no previouy work!)*-3332(very inexperiences)**-4433(very small)*-ddedf(bad commet!)*4325432,5,324,5,324.523,45.3245,.3245,234.,5,3245,.324,.4325,.32,.45,324,.5,234.,52.34,5.234,543542523454354322.345,2.345,32.45,324523 (HE IS GERMAN)=INFINITER TIME 4 + 2 !!!

here is letterr john cartmack recived:

dear joe,

you seem pretty cool but are not whagt we are interest right now maybe next time ? no hard feeling :)

- sony

now hear is letter hasn germant get! :

dear hans,

we are highly interest in yuo and would like to sign you up for 90 year contract worth 50,00 billion dollar and 20% bonus with ballon payr ! we also interest to sign any brother / sister / mother / dead grandparent / baby for future contratc because you are very great man i look forwardig to reply

- sony

the proof is in the pudding _:-+

so nowe that you is convince that german man is good then you are spiritually fufil IF YOU DO NOT BELIEF then thikn of this like sterotype like japanse havfr small dicklength and black person like tor rob store especially if contain watermelon and / ort chicken ... many people say sterootype is wrong but whyr is they exist if not FALSE HMM?

THERe you havet it d&i&c*k* special editorin!. next issue we mayf strecth the boundary of the universes to get great guy / manning !

disclaimer you cannot read this site or i will punch you or quite possibly kick you using any martierla here is liiegal and you will be charged to full extents ggiven you do not suckwhich is yes if you are not doug beahc so do not click ok bye