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You Won't Find Any Wussy Cospiracys Here
maerry christmas from d%i.c!k:

As manye of you alredy know itis holiday season and time to celebrates good times. but we are not #1 world infomation source in universe* because we celebrate event like santat clause day,,. we are here to reveal a conspiracy of sata clause !

i am whisperign because satnt clause maybe ? might heafr me so be quite when you read this in yor brain of he will add you to his "list".

well peopel i am abouts to= BLOW THE LID OFF SANTA CHEAP TRIVCKS i am exposing you santas!!!!! santa is no otherr than satan ! here are some interests facts about santa and satans:

0/ santa is anagram for satan
9; santa primary color is red (ff000) satan has same primarys color
powerball : both hafe beard
p: both have gbrey hair
^___^: santan clause is also know as "saint nick' and satan is knoew as 'oldd nick"!!!!!
cosine(89): similiar body structure
two in bush is worth 5 in the hand--- sanat has sick list where he chosse who he stalks most this is like list os people who go to hel
!>?&%: beelzbub /satan and santa both bet on pick 3 lottery (and always choose number 666)!!!

along whith this facts is THESE SANTA DOES NOT WANT YOU TO SEE THIS BUYT YOU MUST RESIST fears if you donot belive in santan he does not exist!!!:

asd: santa stalks you (this is why every song he is in says he knows when you are sleeping, naughty, nice, etc. he is keeping tab on you)]]
yhk: santa does not eatr milk and cookie instead he force girl scout to sell cookie (and milkman to sel milk) and use money to fund toerrorism operations
fjfhfhfhdL: alos i heardsanta might be gay lol

stil;l dont believe me? believing santan clause is satan is lile belief in matrix without seeing it ONLY WAY TOP BELIEVE SANTAN CLASUE IS SATAN IS TO SEE SANTA TRAMSMORGIFY INTO SANTA (this is picture i took of santa when he was stalked me outside of my window compress in high qualityg jpeg gif format / de-interlace)








warifnf ds!!!



eat your words old nick / saint nick

before you go out and kill youself with a coathanger WAIT! there is more to leif than chirstmans + santa + elf + reindeers etc. christams is not about character association with christmas it is aboutr who can benefit the most from presents,,, it is like a lottery but it isent ok let me explain here is scenario:

)))-you have 5 friend (lol saying a lot yuo probaly havfe NONE)
)))-likeness of them buy you present is 1/2 so odds say maybe 3 - 2 people buy you present
)))-present will be base on you freindship multiplier plus d20 dice ===== friendship+d20=money they spen on gift for you ||| if you roll criticalhitit is DOUBLE present moeny!!!
)))- so lets say togetherd they spend 40 each * 3-2 = 200 ok so you get 200 dollar present so you spends only 100 BUT HERE IS SECRET you buy item that look x2 price but are really junk LOL then you profit greatly and you forget why you ever wants to commit suicide

this is ture spirit of chirstmans trust me i consult astrology chart + geroge buch (true christian). that is all for thius episode i hope i have conviecn you of evil sanat ways and have new outlook on chirstmas.

DONE ! d)i(c)k( is always breaking the ice (rolf) when other new stations are too wussy to reveal secret conspiracy. next year week we will talk about alignment of universe and effects it has on porridge consumptions.

disclaimer you cannot read this site or i will punch you or quite possibly kick you using any martierla here is liiegal and you will be charged to full extents ggiven you do not suckwhich is yes if you are not doug beahc so do not click ok bye