this is howe krazy (tm) (r) (c) this episode is:

Wecolme today to another episode of HGET KRAZY i am doug beach and i am about to gets crazy!!! i have hand selected my geust today and we are going to talk about the problem that is bri ging down modern society;; morality and many other interesting thing like how to win in bingo etc. here is guest jogn tesh

johnn tesh : hello doug how r u

dough bakery : you baerd is unacceptables you must e remove beard or selse you suffer consequences

john petrson ; what beard

doug : ok good here is first questionne do your think

johnny g computers : do i think what

doug : are you capable of thought process eg. brain wave, use brain, not sarcismd, etc

john tesh : what kind of question is that fof course i can think

beach doug: so what do you figure

john: ...

dough: wekll?

john: i dont understand

doug : you justr say you can use brain but you do not figure why are you lying to me ARGHG

john : sorry but you are notr making any cents

doug boudgf: ok so lets say you RE GAY

john tesh: but iam not

doug beach : OK SAY THEORETICALY you are agay

john tesh : ok?

doug beach : you woulds have sex with men correct?

jon tesh: i guess so

DOG BEACH: AHAD! so that mean you are actualy GSY uou fucking make me sick

joghn tesh: but if you were theorictially gay you would also have sex with me

doug beach: sorry i dont talk to gay people LOL i am not rasict i just think gay people are stupid

john tesh: but u are gay too then

doug beahcL: sorry try again if i was gay i would not have sex with men it is worngit says this in the bible:

"above the mountain top the goat ate the berries, his carelessness made him slip and fall down the mountain" - corinthians 7:22

ok so since you are gay i fodnt expect you to understand this bt here is how it works : goat is human beign. mountain is earth ''high up, means heaven is near''. berrie is temptation for gay sex. eating berry means gay sex. mountain goat goatee means he is very hip goat. after eating berry he fall down ''fall down LIKE into HELL'' after being tempt and eat barry. this is what happens to gay people.s

so you argument faileds

john tesh: but you are not gay if you dont have sex with men so if you theory gay then you have sex with men even if yout bibel say gay is bad etc.

doug beahc: .........,,.,,..,,...,.,.,.,.,..,.,;,,.,;.;.,;;,.;,.;,.,;.,;.;.,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;.,;.,;.,.;,;.,;,;.,

doug beahc: argfdhhs you are so stupid aNGER

*doug rip of shirt in angers and kick john on ground*

john: ouach !

*john grab doug b y neck and throw him against chair doug fall*

delivery boy _-_ ARTHUGH!! how doid you grow new beard #@%!

*doug rip off baerd from john techr face region*

john: rgargh you are paying for this

*tesh throw barrages of indstrument at doug and johcharged doug but doug grab john pants and trip him over *

at this point john is obviously at disadntage so i grab a brick and trhow it at his head upons impact blood exploded from his caranium but i also forgot i am very scared of blood (i am hemophobic). anywy i passed out on top of john teshr. here is security footage of fotograph image: (p.s. image not doctored)

for seom stuopid reason people were basicaly callig me gay when i woke up this does't make any sense but i had the preople who called me names arrested under the "d!i)c-k= act for not being patriotcs enough (insults d*i(c*k* base media outlet consider treason in many dick state)

top pocket latch in ther vollay ball between !snakes eyes! alley-oop slam DUNK D.I!C!K! EXCLUVISE YOU NEVER FIND ON TV Channel / radio frequencyt especially georgre network !!! hope you look forward to next weeks event whren i teach yous how to peel peach skin properly. tghis is doubg beach signing off i am doubgh beach.

disclaimer you cannot read this site or i will punch you or quite possibly kick you using any martierla here is liiegal and you will be charged to full extents ggiven you do not suckwhich is yes if you are not doug beahc so do not click ok bye