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With interesting times comes interesting articles. Many years ago we did not have grass but scientists have now discovered why it has grown and why it is green. In this week we take excerpts from a se=cientific journal and debate the facts,.

"After applying pressure to the wound we realised we could stop the patient from excessive blood loss, however this cannot be recommended in some rare cases." - dr steinhauser

Do you belive that cherrios would tell the truth? of course not. i wouldn't trust that bee for a second, I saw him eyeing my skins and I won't tolerate his inpotentce. If we believed everyword we heard I would be a flying racoon with googgles and super rifle that turns hay into dust but that is not the objective it is the goal. Using this wishful thinking, we can now futher this speech.

"If the theory of relativity were true then how come MY SHIRT IS BACKWaRDS?" - doubg beach

Einstien is overrated, plain and simple. If we apply relativity to my cat for example, we realise that i do not have one, and the theory is then nulled. I present a better theory which is based of a simple factL:

Three lefts don't make a right but two wrongs do.

Thinking in terms of simplicity this is always right. Allow me to explain.

Three lefts (minimum one degree turns) = 3o off degrees fromright

three two wrongs = Right (obtaining disc that cost 50 dollar) = ( wrong one ; have not enough money to buy cd ,, wrong two ; steal cd )

As tou see, they are one and the same, with this rule apllied we can again continue the contexts.

"Saying the sky isn't blue is about as ridiculous as saying the stork delivers babies." - RUSH LIMBAUG

Eat your words bobsled:


The same stork we know and lowve who makes vlasic pickels also delivers babies and various other items such as car keys and smoke alarms. It was proven many years ago and I can attest to this from experience.

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