daring inside CLAVICLE knock
i getting payed to make this site less look like communist so bear with this not sell out because yuo never get enough free dick CHEESE:LOG HAS ARRIVED

This week explores the latest in DICK! reporting without further ado lets get obvious assumptions out of the way and reveal the newest trend,


You guessed it banana pole has arrived. With this I am getting many concerns from viewers and like to clarify yourself. Here is number 1

p: where is you put loG that and it is cOmmunism

NEXT TIME YOU SPELL LEARN TO TYPE IDIOT! I Cant answer questriOn because you dont speak englsih properly

A : does the weheater effect winning lotto nuMbers / p.s. are you communism

if you read anything about astrology you know that Markings in the groUnd are OBVIOUS suggestioNs so you may have already won. I did this last week and hit the jakpot (but i refer to guy name jack on pot who i Shot because it accidental pressed trigger on Mouse) in regard to last word dlck will never be communism!

U: cut the crap dillenger i am on to you like super glue on non bonding surface communism ispainted on you face like shiny red sport car except for the red shiny and sport part

i am not sure if this is a follow up question or reply but feedback is much appreciated for men you can send checks in the mail at po box 540 tg8-y46 area code 95847 100 creseantn moon street 89 ave ladies can send panty through email at doubgbeach@beach.com

L: you are reason they make slice bread commie go back to finland

STOP BLAMMING this is 49th blame today if we go communist revolution we tell DICK ENTHUSIATS so far i have heard no horns yet so whos the lamebot then buster. I aslo regret to inform you but you car is DELETED because your idiot

y: hello i need financial advice i am forgoing mortgage on house but my car annuity payments are too much for our investment plan and we have to pay for credit card debt (700.3!$) can you help me preferably send %%$600,0300 in the mail

this is easy so easuy you dont even want 600,000 billion marks first you go to liqour store and get cheapest booze you an find then drink 6 bottles drive to nearest gun store and buy pea shooter the next step is obvious but you go to real estate salesmen and tell him the eggs are fried unless the duck caws he will know what you mean and hand over infinite funds i hope this helpded

shore: are you stalking me

A simple question does not always demand a simply answer so all i can reveal is the details on which i am not doing and that is not watching you from the patio next door with binoculars and vein cream (dont worry its kosher) . in other words you cant let you daughters out of closte because the boogeyman left town

There you have it D$I*C`K# exclusive. Next week coverage continues with special guest* who remain unnamed for security reason or it be boring you all day. Remember next time to ALWAYS sever ties with applesauce or bad becomings can (may (will)) ensue.

* special guest is not pauly shotre

disclaimer you cannot read this site or i will punch you or quite possibly kick you using any martierla here is liiegal and you will be charged to full extents ggiven you do not suckwhich is yes if you are not doug beahc so do not click ok bye