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GET KRAZY is new D$I|C:K} feature. every week (week=whenever i not masturbate lol) new guest is choosen and then YOU GET READY FOR FUN PARTY ENGULFMENT! it so crazy we s|pell it with K we testing new layout and color if you dont like it press delete button on title screen to open easter egg menu and seletc option i gay

The wait is now over and it time to reveal the SECRET GUEST! I am very inclined to speak about our next guest. He is such star in movies as geogprahic dome, new jersey man, and that other stupid one i fail to remember. Please give warm welcome (not in pants) to PAULY SHORE! you stupid idiot thought it not parly shore because i said that but i was lying but i dugress Let us talk with the man himself.


 you are welcome. Let us talk about your recent becomings. what have you done since you lost you movie career?

 what you talking about wizard man i never lose career mr. p is always looking for oppertunity and i make them when none is avaliable

 in other word you still dead?

 no i just make very successful film you never wiez in this town again it very funny i give it three thumbs up (one thumb may be dick)

 This is very interesting. lets change topics. Why do you suck? the universal theory has to do with the volume and density of you hair. is there any truth to these claims?

 hay man you step on my karma one more time and i shape a wiggle stick in you goggle catch

 you refuse to answering my question does not please me very well instead i shall ask similiar question in anaolgy form to extract the information: when you consume approximately 5 teaspoon of curry power combind with slight hint of basil and whip topping do you first suck insides of creation OR mash with fork then proceed to chew liberally swallowing after 10 full teeth crunchs

 you stupid you i never answer you question this not part of the deal im calling my agent

 agent? you mean mexican prostitude you met in mcdogalds back alley that you think is you friend but just want 10 dollar backpay you owe

 it is mutual relationship and she is not who you say i know that why i dont pay oh here she is on phone... yes hello bab y it pauly shore how are you doing... ok you bitch shut up now i just need ask question what part of deal does dick report get....... 10 dollars i dont have that kind of money who the fuck you think iam...... what how dare you do this to me after all we been through YOU NEVER GET TO WEEZ MY JUICE AGAIN YOUR LOSS WHORE (hangg up telephone)

 your flaw is revealed do not condsier other options i have the bases covered (slides 2 dollar off macaroni and cheese coupon under table to shore) now let use imagine none of this happen. you answer question quick and i may be generous enough to add 50 cent off koolaid in the deal

holy corolla ok man i ummmm probably mash fork then chew

 AHA! So with the problem solved it now apparent you are less worthy than ground you sit on perhaps you need to reconsole your thoughts now get the fuck out of dick office before i send security after you

hay you wiggle tiggle tally wacker deluexe burrito man i answer quick give me other coupon

 nice try copenhagen but you get no props this time. this was set up to reveal your sick thought. by the way you macorni coupon is expired

you bastard I KEAL YOU WHEN OCCASION ARISE arrrggghhhhh

 ahahahahhaha ok now get out *kick polly on ground several times then push down stairs into elevator* that ought to do it oh almost forget *spits in polly hair* ok done *push escalator button*

* Mr shure was being very incorporate and the log may not be exactly as presented. howevere the texts were translate the best to doubg beacch abilities and prove to be 99% inaccurate.

There you have it! D)I.C/K; excluvise you never find journalism like this in the entire milky way (chocolate bar). Remember this week is DOUBLE THE DICK ACTION! check next episode but first make sure you trousers are secure you pants MAY BLOW AWAY

disclaimer you cannot read this site or i will punch you or quite possibly kick you using any martierla here is liiegal and you will be charged to full extents ggiven you do not suckwhich is yes if you are not doug beahc so do not click ok bye