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Normally dick covers many interesting fields in the world today but not everyday can be an adventure. the old chinese (or japanese i dont know but they look similiar) proverb : the life we walk is fill with small and big thing but all must be lived to true experience greatness : proves this true. today i am mediating a political debate my two guest today are the ragin canadian and george w bush president of some powerful nation. here are pictures to help you understand

rajin canadian

geeorge w buch

dug beach

DOUG BEACH: Hello I am doug beach today we are speking with an angry guy and a stupid guy but i am not entirely sure who is whcih. Care to explain gentlemen?

BEEF JERKY: i am the regin cajun not canadian and george is stupid guy

GEORGE: i am george and beef jerky is correct but i not sure what he talking about

DOUG BEACH: Lets start on the forefront and bring up some anti george images *clicks button is hand*

DOUG: How do you react to this starting with george:

GEORGRE: those imaegs are very untrue and unpatrotic any partiot would nver do such vile acts and i classify al who play such cards as evil doers quite possibility terrorists give me more money and this will stop. this message has been aprroved by goegre bunch

BEEF JERKY: haha that big BS you stupid george if you want democracy you value opinion of all citizens and listen and understand all opinion including -

DOUBG BEACH: sorry to cut you off but you are too boring now we swing the pendullum and bring some interesting happenings of you mr bacon. you once say you would not piss down some guys neck if it was on fire is thise truth

BACON SANDWICH: yes it is i say that to -

DOUG BEACH: ok shut up again but what if his neck is not on fire you comment suggest you like to regularly piss down people necks. again is there any truth to this remark

PIG: no it just a joke i want to have comedy in my book for younger generation political -

DOUG BEACH: alright you talk enough already but we all know politic in the 20th century is dead so you stupid attemp has failed again sylvester i find you answer to question very untrue would you care to andswer it on lie detector test?

sylvester: ok if it makes you belief me

DOUG BEACH: do you piss in necks

LIAR: no

DOUG BEACH: LIAR! so you do you sicko i cant continue mediation under the current scenario this is OVER

The mediation had to end but many thing were accomplish. GEORGE left building but without first giving me enough duck tape to cover my mouth

P.S. I would like to take the oppertunity to shout out an avid DICK FAN here is picture i was included in email:

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There you have it! D'I{C+K% excluvise! Remember ti tune in next week where more lies of george will be DEBUNKED and more truths will be explained. That it for DOUBLE DICK issue the plan of george has failed and been countered with great skill. Next week we have new get krazy and possibility of analysis on meaning of leif.

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