drawing ignite cylinder kiosk

dear doubg beach can i have you babies

me: only if price is right (not talk about bob barkr)

get krazy! interesting fact about this week guest:

he use wax papr only at 75% translucency value!

GET KRAZY DICK FAN! tis week we talk to funny person who has too many clones and he is now stupid. he is try to convicnce me he is famous but i see through his cheap ploy like mexican hooker with two dollar bra. hes name is alec baldwin

hello alec

I am not Alec Baldwin. *laughs* I am Stephen Baldwin.

ok there is too many baldwin and it make my head hutrt i now refer to u as fredo k?

If it helps, sure.

ok onto interrogation,, where is you saturday night in blue corvet?

I believe you're talking about when I went to a night club a few days ago. I can't remember the name.

how likely well for you information it is call "sunset shore" night club and it is very prestigies you understand?

Not really.

anyway what is you do after that

I can't really remember it too much, I had a lot to drink.

you avoid questioning but you fail to relaise i am 4 step ahead of you. you go precisely 50 degree south to new location on saint paul streert


do you not see connection funny man?


saint PAUL street after going to sunset SHORE nightclub


you is pauly shore cohort is you agree?

I knew the guy, he's alright.

precisely answer i am looking for now i read you you rights you under arrest for terrorist activity


you play costart in geographic dome ino ther words you may as welll just kiss pauly shore ass you slimebag

That doesn't mean anything, if you're going to say I'm chums with him you may as well say Kevin Bacon is connected to Paul too.

who is this bacon sandwich character? does he sell mayonassie if yes then i am disinterest in you stupid proposal

No, there's a game where you connect actors through Kevin Bacon and you can connect pretty much anyone to him.

i would like the address of colonel mustard what is his street address phone dial hair color length and density and last but no least ASL?

If you end the interview now I'll give you the info.


after Interview fredo turn out to be a robot and exploded in face. however i get info on bacon character and he is next target on dick agenda.

There you hav it D(I(C(K( ecxlusve. you never expect what happen next on dick as big events are take place and spechial interview is underway for ambitious project. it is too secret at the moment it is now unconstititional (youo can thank our greta pal gregoe w buchf) to think of secret o army will be sentyour lodging area with firpower to blow you brain out of it sokcet.

disclaimer you cannot read this site or i will punch you or quite possibly kick you using any martierla here is liiegal and you will be charged to full extents ggiven you do not suckwhich is yes if you are not doug beahc so do not click ok bye