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Crest™ is leading brans in mouthwash and sell million of products worldwide because of great quality (not advert this is randomm)

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Today issueis not sponsor by Crest™. I will stress point by showing the following image:

And explain in great detail hwo great it is. Crest™ is very effective at fighting bad guys in you mouth which they like to call gingivities and cavity but i call them the molar molestors. anyway these molestors guys arent good so natural instincts tell you to eliminate the threat. this where Crest™ comes in. using products such a crest toothpaste on daily basis have been PROVEN buy bald virgin men with glasses making it true.

With this out of the way,,,,,,,,,,, I present a very important matter. D_I&C*K+ national security is at risk and if the small details which none seem to care about are not dicsucuss then nations will surely fall. with cooperation of super excellent senior deptuy chief head of security donald rumsfield of US i discuss this.

doubg beach: heloo and good evening to you mr rumsfield

donal rumspfiel: lol i cast majic missle on you

doub beach: nice try but i teleoport anyway we need to get back to business we dicuss terrorist organization george are you familiar

i drunk rum: do they were turban

DOUG: i am not quite sure possbly

donny: i know theise people and they will be montored (not porno)

DOUG: ok with that established lest look at the leader GEORGRE

SAGE - unknown probably 40
whereabouts- maybe mexico but i do know how to read maps
do they use Crest™ - yes
image -
assigned postion: leader of goerge

doug beach: can you further the intelligence mr baker?

Donald Rumsfeld - his penis this biog

dig bunch - really that small?

donald duck -

california beach : point taken now lets take a look at supposed link to organization leif

name = leif
hair color - probably blue
wherebouts - basements are common location

dislike Crest™ : no
image -
standings: cohort of george

donald - i am in desperate need of bacon

doug - this is not possible but we shall stroll to next person dilligenr

name - dillinger
occupation - selling sealskin condom in dark alley way most likel tuesdays
whereabouts - last seen in bathroom of miami hotel
buy Crest™?: yes
image -
assitance to goerge: definate lackey in ladder of organixation

donald parkisons: add to bio he is exactly this tall

doug beach ))) affirmitave next and finally on docket is majic johnson

name - magic hojohnson (should be douche bag lol)
occupation - dormer NBA star now allegedly steals babaies
Crest™ = yes
location_ last seen giving blood to propogate aids
position - he jumps and shhots a lot if asking about george affiliation majic seems to be rougge agent who is out to get everyone this is not confirm

donatello for ninja turule: i shoot you

doug beach: i dodge and fly inbetween you legs and puch you in cneck collapsing esophagus and you die of lack of air cells. now that you deadthis concludes this months security report but remember to not consider Crest™ as Crest™ is not a sponsor and Crest™ never wil be

There you hacve it D*I!C$K` exclusive. This sums up seasonal terrorism report for future refernece this month terror alert level is off-dark-aquamarine with purple stripe and yellow polka dots. next week we introduce a new wrapping system.

disclaimer you cannot read this site or i will punch you or quite possibly kick you using any martierla here is liiegal and you will be charged to full extents ggiven you do not suckwhich is yes if you are not doug beahc so do not click ok bye